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Christian Anne Bounds. Pro-life, -peace, and -nature. Born under the Taurus moon and the Leo sun. Lion and deer in spirit. Seeking out inner peace. Plant kindness to harvest love. 🌿🌻🍄👣❤️

Anonymous asked: Can you recommend some good blogs to follow? xx

i’ve got a favourites page on my blog! ;-)

mooonphases asked: So I just read the anon message saying that no one on tumblr cares about you (or something along those lines anyway) and this upsets me greatly because I care and so do many others, I am sure You seem like such a gorgeous person, I don't understand why people are so rude to you

thank you so dearly, i needed this. i know there are those of you out there who care and it makes me feel wanted and i love you all <33

Anonymous asked: Im pro choice and that anon that unfollowed you just for you being pro life is doing it wrong. I would like to apologize on that person's behalf.

this is very kind of you, thank you. i would never let their behaviour make me think less of every person who shares their beliefs. :)